The SRM Steam Rice Cooking System

The SRM is a completely automatic system for producing cooked rice continuously using saturated, superheated steam.  It is an energy-efficient, compact machine that uses sprayed hot water to cook delicious rice that keeps well.

[Patent pending internationally: No. 2012-104977]

Available Models

Model SRM125 SRM200 SRM300 SRM450 SRM600 SRM900
(raw rice)
(275 lb/h)
(440 lb/h)
(660 lb/h)
(990 lb/h)
(1,300 lb/h)
(2,000 lb/h)

SRM System Internals

3-stage version for SRM450, 600 and 900

Comparison with Pot-style Methods

SRM Steam Rice Cooking System
(Conveyor Belt)
  Pot-style Rice Cooking System
Using a conveyor belt the rice can be spread evenly over a wider surface, yielding evenly cooked rice.   This is the standard method in Japan, but requires more energy and space

Advantages of the SRM System over the Pot-style Method

  • Energy efficient – thermal efficiency 80%
  • Produces half the CO2
  • Takes up one-fifth the space
  • Lower running cost – requires 2/3 as many operators

  SRM450 Steam Rice Cooking System Automatic Gas Pot Cooker
(80 pots)
Automatic Induction Cooker
(80 pots)
Capacity (raw rice) 450 kg/h
990 lb/h
520 kg/h
1145 lb/h
520 kg/h
1145 lb/h
Electricity 10 kw/h 30 kw/h 205 kw/h
Steam 350 kg/h
770 lb/h
120 kg/h
265 lb/h
120 kg/h
265 lb/h
Gas 0 41.4m³(13A) 0
Water 2.0 t/h 3.0 t/h 3.0 t/h
Operating cost Thermal efficiency 80% Thermal efficiency 30% Cost increases during peak electricity hours
CO2 Emissions 55.2 t/year 115.6 t/year 116.6 t/year
Ease of use Fully automatic
No skilled operator necessary
Needs skilled operator Fully automatic
No skilled operator necessary
Number of operators required 1 to operate the machine
1 to remove cooked rice
2 to cook the rice
1 to remove cooked rice
1 to cook the rice
1 to remove cooked rice
Repair cost Simple conveyor belt with few moving parts. Little to break down, so repair cost is low. Replace burners, teflon coating, pots Many parts, so breakdowns frequent.
Teflon must be replaced
Space required 3-stage stainless belt version takes about 1/5 the space of the pot style cooker Need large space to wash the pots Need large space to wash the pots

Special Characteristics of Rice Cooked With the SRM Steam Rice Cooking System

Cooked white rice is uniform in color
Compared to pot-style rice, steamed rice shows no color spotting

Whiteness of Cooked Rice1)
Steamed Rice Ordinary Rice(Pot-style)
41.2 ± 3.2  39.5 ± 3.3

The Properties of Cooked Rice After Storage
Steamed rice keeps better than ordinary rice after refrigeration and remains soft and sticky longer

Microscopic observation of cross-sectioned cooked rice after iodine staining1)

Many areas of the boiled rice endosperm are stained dark blue, indicating pooled amylose. During cooking amylose leaches out of the starch granules and collects around the cells. The steamed rice shows little or no pooling.

There is also a lot more structure in evidence in the steamed rice cross-section. The cell walls of the boiled rice have severely broken down, perhaps in part because the boiled rice kernels experience more physical trauma during cooking. Consequently the boiled rice leaches more amylose.

Leached amylose recrystallizes easily and causes retrogradation. Most of the amylose on the surface of the steamed rice kernel is washed away by the water sprayed during cooking. For this reason, rice cooked with the SRM keeps longer and tastes significantly better after storage than boiled rice.

*Rice cooked with pot-style Rice Cooking System

1)Takemitsu et al, Nihon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogakkaishi, 60, 628  (2013)


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