Company Philosophy

Our Mission

To create new polysaccharides and maximally develop their function to ensure a better future for people and the earth. The PS in PS-Biotec of course represents polysaccharides.

What We Do

PS-Biotec studies how nature creates and uses saccharides, especially polysaccharides, in order to design and make available polysaccharides that can make life better for people.

Our raw materials are products of photosynthesis like cellulose, starch, sucrose and chitin. We use biotechnology and nanotechnology in a carbon neutral fashion to make food and medical products, and raw materials for industry.

Using advanced manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology, we can add physical and chemical properties as well as biodegradability, increasing the value of the final product. University research results, techniques and practical experience, as well as alliance with other companies, are essential.

At present PS-Biotec, together with university and business affiliates, is marketing synthetic amylose and water-soluble xylan. In the future we will continue to develop and market polysaccharides with all sorts of properties.

Through the development and marketing of functional starch food products, we hope to improve both manufacturing and the public’s health, as well as reduce the amount of discarded food. Our products include WE-Mai® resistant starch rice and the SRM Rice Cooking System.